Custom Web Development

Oregon IT Solutions is a Custom Website Development agency in Portland, Oregon.

We offer diverse designing and development for applications and websites in PHP. With over 15 years of experience, we are committed to delivering quality projects on time and on budget. We have the in-house expertise to create feature-rich, custom websites and applications that will help you achieve your business objectives.

Easy code maintenance

Our team analyze the full requirements to gain an in-depth insight into the project, ensuring a high quality purpose built PHP website is delivered.


Our PHP web developers will use methods which allow easy integration with mail services and other 3rd party APIs

Cost Effective

We use complex coding, hence our methods are faster and simpler, therefore more cost effective.

Easy Testing

We develop PHP websites with integrated testing features. Hence all our websites are self-tested and optimized.

Built-in Security

Our PHP developers build your website with built-in advanced security features, allowing your website & customer data to remain safe.

Speed Load

Our the years we have develop methods offering intelligent load-handling process to maintain server speed at scale.

PHP Frameworks

Oregon IT Solutions has years of experience in using additional PHP frameworks such as Laravel for backend business platforms, order management software, booking platforms, subscription platforms, CRM systems and a bunch of other web-based applications. They are a perfect solution to build a mobile app admin panel for management and to deliver data / content via its APIs.

Discuss your Custom Project

If you would like to take things further or make an enquiry please contact us.